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Never Before Has Teaching Your Scouts Been So Incredibly Easy

Do You Need A Step-by-Step Procedure
To Teach Your Scouts How to Build a Fast Pinewood Derby Car?  

Do You Struggle to Make Your Pinewood Derby Event a Fun Experience... 

              ...Can You Hear the Parents Whispering About How Unorganized the Pinewood Derby Is?

The Ultimate Pinewood Derby Seminar!
Ultimate Pinewood Derby Seminar  

With this Powerpoint Seminar at your disposal, you will have an easy to follow method that will improve scout
participation and sportsmanship.

From: Cubmaster Mike Webb

After I take you through a quick overview of how to use this remarkable Pinewood Derby seminar presentation, I will also ensure that you are equipped and able to take every step that comes after. By providing the relevant information that you need, this is made simple and fast. No doubt you’ll wonder what you ever did without this seminar, and that is just the beginning.

Take your scouts through a journey from begining to end and give them the tools to build a fast pinewood derby car all the while teaching them the values of sportsmanship and teamwork.

Parents will be amazed at your expertise!
  • No longer have to deal with mis-informed or angry parents!
  • Get all scouts on the same page and teach the basics of derby car building.
  • Teach new scouts how to be competitive in their first pinewood derby race.

OSK 1 Racer

Introducing the Powerful and Effective
"Ultimate Pinewood Derby Seminar"
Powerpoint Presentation

Easy to use slide presentation. Insert your own rules or use ours. Derby car building and speed tips. Dazzle your members with an impressive presentation.

This seminar will have parents thanking you for all the information you are sharing with them. You'll be able to teach scouts with ease and make your pinewood derby race event enjoyable for everyone! Take the guesswork out of your pinewood derby race and keep all parents informed of the rules and get them excited about all the tips and tricks you are offering.

  • Plug & Play - Download the seminar onto your computer, plug in your information and play your powerpoint presentation. Projector is recommended, to display on overhead screen.
  • Cubmaster Tips - I've included some special tips that will help your scouts build a faster car with fast, building tips as well!
  • Tool Recommendations - There are a lot of tools on the market to help build your car, I provide the essential list and also give you ideas on what works.
  • Start to Finish Build - Show your scouts how to build a pinewood derby car from start to finish.  Where to put the weight, how to cut the car, even painting tips!
  • Rules and Regulations - We've included basic rules for pinewood derby racing, but you can easily insert your own and we even highlight the areas for you to make your own adjustments.

I've done all the work for you!

All you have to do is present this Seminar to your group and it will guide you every step of the way to building a better relationship with your scouts and especialy your parents.  

They will be thanking you for the information and praising you for being so organized at your next Pinewood Derby Event!

Don't have PowerPoint Software...

      ...that's ok because you also get the Bonus PDF document that you can either print out or project on the screen.

Give your Racers the Edge - The Ultimate Edge with the Ultimate Pinewood Derby Seminar. 

You can reveal the secrets to a Fast Pinewood Derby Car and also teach them How to Be a Winner Everytime regardless of the outcome.
I want you to have this today so you can review the material and be fully prepared for your Pinewood Derby Event so I'm practically giving it away for only $14.95

Ultimate Pinewood Derby Seminar
Get Instant Download for the
Ultimate Pinewood Derby Seminar

Only 7.00!  

To download, view and use this file you will need a minimum of
 Microsoft Office Powerpoint Program 1997-2003


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm so sure that you will love the Ultimate Pinewood Derby Seminar that I'm taking all the risk and giving you 30 days to try it out.  You get 30 days from purchase to review the material and if you don't think it will help improve your Pinewood Derby event then
I will refund your money.

Get it today!

Ultimate Pinewood Derby Seminar

 Just $7.00

In just 2 Minutes you'll have immediate access to download the PowerPoint file and also get the bonus PDF download.

Mike Webb

  • Cubmaster 4 years

  • Helped pack earn new aluminum track, timer and software

  • Ran Pinewood Derby Races for Pack and Community

  • Track Software Official for Council Races

  • Helped scouts go on to place in the top 4 in Council Races

  • Personally placed 1st in Open Council Races

  • Placed 1st in Vintage Council Races

  • Placed 1st in Community Races

  • Involved in League Racing

  • Most importantly "Had a blast building and racing Pinewood Derby Cars with my son"


I personally think you'll enjoy using this seminar just because it makes it so easy to explain how to be a winner, have fun and enjoy the process of building and racing a Pinewood Derby Car.  Don't wait until it's too late and be unprepared for the Pinewood Derby Season!

Get it Today and "Be Prepared"

57 Chevy Derby Car

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